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MAG devices blocking issues

In order to unblock your Infomir STB to work with 3rd party IPTV services you going to need to update your STB firmware image. 

Please be aware that these are "custom" images. They are provided to enable Nextin customers to circumvent the block placed by Infomir on Mags which have the latest updates. Once correctly installed you will be able to view content from Nextin. You will not be able to edit portals. Appearance of interface will be different from what you are used to, but will work.
I strongly suggest that before you install custom image, that you add two extra portals - these do not need to work or need to be used and can just be copies of existing ones. You will then be able to edit these in future if needed. If you don't install these "spare" portals there will be no option to edit the working portals in custom image.
If you think you will want to edit portals etc in the future then you need to use older "official" firmware instead. - If you are a reseller you can find this in the "Resellers Only" area of the forum. If you are a customer then please ask your reseller to provide it for you.


Edit 07/03/2019
I recommend using the following images These will preserve portal settings, but disables the block and prevents any remote updates from Infomir's servers. If you have already used previous custom firmware or installed any other "anti_block settings" then remove all settings to which you have access before trying to install this Better is to install original Infomir software first even by allowing updates and allowing them to complete is OK. This software will fix block later.

Some mag models will not have the Bootstrap included as a separate 'file' in that folder. That's OK, just ensure you transfer the correct folder onto USB device.
MAG254 and earlier can be picky about which sticks they recognize, you may need to try a few - don't use USB3.0 sticks.
To ensure the installation works please install from the recovery area of Mag (hold down menu button during reboot) - Put files on usb (FAT32) in folder named mag*** (*** is your Magbox number e.g.mag256) - Reset to default first then use usb to downgrade.

End edit

Video guides for updating all MAGs are on Infomir site
Different for each type of box and need to be used with the specific instructions
e.g For 3 series = Guide: video can be found half way down page (ctrl +f search for video if you dont see it)
For 2 series except 256 Video half way down page
For 256 Video same as 2 series other stuff different




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