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STB emu has updated and not working

Sometime after an update some of the setting in the app may change. Always perform the following checks to make sure the settings is as expected.

1. Check app IP or your internet router setting is set to IPv4 not IPv6 (IPv6 is not supported by Nextin IPTV).
2. Check that the MAC address matches the one activated in your customer dashboard and correct it if necessary. 
3. Make sure your device/app DNS settings is not set to use auto DNS (i.e. from your ISP) this should be set to (cloudflare) or (google)
4. Also did you change the device? If you change the device it will not work as the MAC address activated in our system is already mapped to the first device used and is not possible the same MAC address to be used on other device.

If no of this helped, try the following and repeat the steps above.

1. Uninstall the app from your device.
2. Flash the device cache
3. Install the app again and configure just the MAC and the portal. Do not touch other setting until you confirm the app is working.

Last Updated: 01/09/2019 11:32

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